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R-N: Francis by Train-off-the-tracks
R-N: Francis
Excuse my awful hand writing and lack of digital talent!


Name: Francis
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: German
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 6'

ID #: 212
Occupation: Student
Rank: 2
Title: Four of pentacles
Department: Special Cases
Weapon: Crowbar. A ragged and rusty crowbar. 

Sassy: Francis is very high spirited and and quick to say a smart comment. In turn this gets him scolded which makes him act out even more just for spite.

 He'd be the one to set up petty fights or prank someone and blame another.

: Refuses to do certain tasks, even to the point of doing the exact opposite.

: Leaves his hoard of trinkets all over bed and room.

: No inclination to share his things be it from food to money.

: Francis likes to openly defy people/officials/seniors because he thinks it'll make him look like a cool bad-ass. It just makes him look like a jerk.

-His whistle
-scary movies
-wheat bread with butter spread on the edges rather than the middle
-messing with electronics

-Being bossed around
-sharing his things
History: If anyone had a messed up childhood it was Francis. Francis had no parents, and if he did, they were never present in his life. The family he did know was his older brother Reese and a woman who was called "Auntie". "Auntie" was very strict and very possessive over the boys. In fact if it weren't for the boys' ability to see spirits, Francis was sure she would've ditched us long ago. Under her rules Francis was always confined in plain room with a bed and a few toys. It was very rare for them to wander around the Kings City freely.

 Life was very complicated and hard. The boys were raised thinking that talking to the dead was normal. It was common for people to be confused or angry when they said they're best friend with the man who stood in the kitchen. Due to this ability, the boys were used to make money to act as mediums for families who were grieving over loved ones and family that had passed away. Francis, had always thought of it to be a rather relieving experience. Just because he was miserable didn't others had to be. When he found out that "Auntie" was actually some malevolent force and that she had used them to take peoples souls, he felt a unending guilt.

When Reese killed the woman, Francis had no idea how to feel. He was angry that that cops had showed, angry because he hadn't done anything and that Reese shouldn't have been so idiotic. Francis was also frustrated that the police didn't believe that the woman wasn't even human in the first place. Before Francis and Reese were executed, Nier had recruited them. He became a student for the same department as his brother.

Extra Info:
-Francis is absolutely in love with his whistle. He found it in the trash when he and Reese got landed in prison. After sterilizing it and everything it became his most prized.

-Francis is a kleptomaniac, this stemmed from the fact that he was a depraved child.

-He has Tetrachromacy.

-The one who talks the loudest.

-Easily riled up.

-When he wakes up early he's completely still and quiet, completely opposite from his rather energetic person.

Though he talks back a lot, he's taken to Nier. Theres no way he could ever repay him and he's the only one Francis won't really put up a fight with.
Relationships: TBA

RP Method(s):
I used to do lots semi-lit rps before so i guess that? That means like at least 3-4 complete sentences. I prefer paragraph roleplay over sentence roleplay. Skype or notes over DA is cool. I'll do chatroom sometimes.

Quote:"Nier, I know what you're going to say, and believe me, I totally agree with you. There is no excuse for what I did. It was idiotic, immature, totally reckless, and I'm really sorry. I'm just hoping against hope that you will give me another chance, which I admit I don't deserve. If you could just find it in your heart to forgive me, I know I could earn your trust back."



United States

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